Borrow my book from your local Public library

Many libraries are now stocking The Revenge of Joe Wild. I’ve listed some of them below for illustrative purposes, with links. The upshot is, if you want to read my book, or just flip through the pages and get an idea about whether it might be your kind of read, pay a visit to your local public library. If they don’t have it in stock, just ask them to order it. As it’s now in the system, they’ll probably do so. Especially if you tell them it’s been favourably reviewed in Booklist (the official magazine of the American Library Association).


Florida: Alachua County Public Library

Georgia: Gwinnett County Public Library

Illinois: Digital Library of Illinois

Indiana: Allen County Public Library, Allen County, Indiana

Indiana: Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium

New Jersey: Somerset County Library

North Dakota: Indilibrary2go

South Carolina: Spartanburg

Texas: Dallas County Public Library

Texas: Waco-McLennan County Library


Toronto Public Library


Coventry: Booth & Dimock Library

This isn’t an exhaustive list – apart from possibly in the U.K.!

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