This is Jack Strange. Looks familiar? Read on to find out why!

Jack Strange was my first pen-name. I no longer use it.

The first editions of many of my books were released using the name. They were published by a small press – essentially a one-man band – called KGHH Publishing. Between us, me and Graeme (the man behind KGHH) produced some great work which I’m proud of to this day, and I’m sure Graeme is still proud of it, too.

Sadly KGHH is long gone, but the books live on with a new pen-name, Jack D Mclean.

Let’s get down to the main reason this page about Jack Strange exists!

My good friend Franky James Coronado has created his own space in the Multiverse, and included in it a Jack Strange/Jack D McLean Gallery. I invite you to enter it and take a look if you dare, using any of the buttons below, all of which take in by a different oculus. Once there, you can move around by clicking on the arrows at the side of the screen. If you come to something not Jack Strange-related and you’re interested, keep clicking. But if you want more Jack Strange stuff, just get out and click on another of the buttons below.

While you’re in the gallery, make sure to switch on your volume control. You might have to switch it on multiple times as you click from one screen to another.

And make sure you’re logged into Facebook or you won’t get access.

Is all that clear? Good. Then I’ll begin.

The Strange Tale of Jack Strange blog post