Andrew Komarnyckyj

As Andrew Komarnyckyj (my real name) I write Literary Fiction and Upmarket Genre Fiction

Official Author Bio:

Andrew Komarnyckyj has been a lawyer, odd-job man, PR Consultant, hospital porter, and plongeur among many other occupations. It’s the classic work history of an author but it wasn’t planned that way. It was a happy accident which has stood him in good stead for writing novels.

His literary tastes range across every fiction genre including – perhaps inevitably – postmodernism, with which he has a love-hate relationship.

When not writing or reading he loves conversation, listening to anecdotes, craft beers, and hiking in mountains.

On a personal note he’s married with two adult daughters.

Books by this author:

Blacktelligence Rules

When Adam Benedict, a 28-year-old researcher, comes across a startling discovery about race and intelligence, he sets in motion a deadly chain of events.

As he tries to get his results  published,  he finds his work is tampered with to make it appear riddled with errors. He is discredited and denounced as a fraud, a liar, and worse. He endures a storm of criticism in social media and is hounded by the press for spreading views that are deemed toxic.

It becomes clear there is a conspiracy against him, and the conspirators will use any means possible to silence him, up to and including death.

As Benedict races against the clock to clear his name, he realises the truth is more likely to get him killed than set him free.

And he has to make a decision: is a truth that will change the way humanity views race worth laying his life on the line for?

The Revenge of Joe Wild

Cover of The Revenge of Joe Wild, a book by Andrew Komarnyckyj
The Revenge of Joe Wild is a Young Adult novel

‘A rollicking mid-19th century adventure with high stakes, heart, and a classic voice’

Lee Matthew Goldberg, author of YA novel Runaway Train

The Revenge Of Joe Wild is a hell of a ride… full of warmth and humor.

Paul D Brazill, author of Guns of Brixton

The Revenge of Joe Wild is a young adult novel about a semi-literate 12-year-old boy growing up in mid-19th century Southern Illinois, an outsider who can’t fit in with the norms of society. When Joe is accused of murdering his friend Ervan Foster, he flees the authorities and goes on the run, vowing to one day return as an adult, find out who the real killer is, clear his name, and avenge Ervan’s death.

While on the run, Joe has many funny, dangerous, and eye-opening adventures which include joining the Union army and fighting in the American Civil War.

When the war ends, Joe returns to his hometown, an armed and battle-tested sixteen-year-old. He confronts his accusers, but when Joe finds out the truth behind Ervan’s murder, he makes peace with the man who falsely accused him, as well as with himself.

In the great tradition of such 19th-century American authors Mark Twain, James Fennimore Cooper, and Stephen Crane, The Revenge of Joe Wild is a humorous, tense, action-filled novel set against the dramatic backdrop of the Civil War, with themes involving racism, sexuality, and misinformation that are just as relevant in the 21st century as they were during the time of Joe Wild.

‘…honestly quite masterful…incredibly impressive…unique and hard to put down’ – WHISPERING STORIES BOOK BLOG

The Revenge of Joe Wild is now available for pre-order. Click on the book cover for details!

Ezra Slef, The Next Nobel Laureate in Literature

‘Hilarious and page-turning…a twisted, smart and very funny thriller.’

Rick Kleffel, Narrative Species

‘An absolutely brilliant novel… original and gripping throughout.’

Jo’s Book Blog

The pioneering writings of celebrated Russian novelist Ezra Slef have made him a titan of contemporary Postmodernism, with a worldwide following keen to know more about the man behind the books. Enter Humbert Botekin, a disgraced former professor of literature, and Slef’s biggest admirer. He writes the definitive biography of Slef, with compendious notes, an introduction, a list of plates, and a glossary.
But Botekin’s narrative soon spirals dangerously out of control. A supreme egotist, Botekin cannot resist assuming the foreground, so that his ostensible biography of Slef gradually changes into a personal memoir in which we learn far more about the biographer than about his subject. The narrative is both sinister and darkly comic.
Botekin’s secrets include making a Faustian pact with a well-travelled gentleman who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Devil–a likeness the self-absorbed Botekin fails to notice, even as his world collapses around him.

Deliciously sardonic…a joyful book, full of surprises’ – THE WASHINGTON POST 

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